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IMG_4866My name is Paige Doerner. In 2013, I received my MA in American History from the College at Brockport. My focus of study was Material Culture and Public History. I am interested in archaeology, travel, literature and art history. I am currently working in the Marketing Department at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY. You can view the Adirondack Museum’s website here, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

I am also currently serving on the Board of Trustees for the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts.

Since 2013 I’ve worked as the Social Media Outreach Coordinator for an on-going project called the Rochester Reform Trail, supported by the National Endowment for the  Humanities Landmarks of American History and Culture Workshop for School Teachers. You can learn more about the project here – make sure to follow on Twitter and like on Facebook!

I love the idea of incorporating history into the digital world through the use of social media. I have my iPhone with me everywhere I go, and am constantly snapping pictures of historic sites, tweeting about archaeological issues, and blogging about material culture and museum marketing news. What better way to get people interested in history than to put it right at their fingertips. I love the idea of creating a digital space in which history is easily shared and enjoyed. I see this relationship between history and digital space as a very valuable one, and have worked to create a career in which I can combine my passion for history and art with my love for digital marketing and online engagement.

Imponderabilia: plural noun; 1. “A series of phenomena of great importance which cannot possibly be recorded by questioning or computing documents, but have to be observed in their full actuality.” [Bronislaw Malinowski]

I love to travel and I am always looking to add to my list of countries visited (so far we have, Jordan, Turkey, Ireland and the remote reaches of mysterious Canada). Connected to this site are my history blog, Twitter and Facebook. My email address is paigedoerner@gmail.com

At the top of Blarney Castle (Cork, Ireland)

At the top of Blarney Castle (Cork, Ireland)

Me, in Galway (Ireland) this past summer

Me in Istanbul

Me at Petra, Jordan (archaeological site, hence the dirtiness)

Me at Petra, Jordan (archaeological site, hence the dirtiness)

The PGPC 2011 Group in front of Al Kazneh (Petra)

The PGPC 2011 Group in front of Al Kazneh (Petra)


Camping out on a cliff looking over Wadi Araba (Jordan)

In the giant ADK chair in front of the Adirondack Museum

In the giant ADK chair in front of the Adirondack Museum

On top of Castle Rock, overlooking Blue Mountain Lake

On top of Castle Rock, overlooking Blue Mountain Lake


37 responses to “About Paige

  1. thank you for checking out my blog 🙂 lovely to make the connection, and cool to read you have visited Ireland! I have lived here all my life!

  2. Thanks for following my blog!! Glad to hear you’ve been to Turkey!! I’m Turkish, and have been there often…in fact just went over the holidays with my husband 🙂 Petra and Ireland are on my list of places to visit. Keep travelling!! 🙂

  3. Hi Paige. Thanks for visiting my site and for your ‘Follow’ – pleased you like my work. Reciprocating. Best wishes, V. (PS. Love your site name – Imponderabilia – good word ).

  4. Paige, Thanks for following CestLaJu. I definitely want to expand my list of countries travelled as well! You’ve been places I want to go and I’m sure I’ve done the same. Definitely a thought provoking title you have. 🙂

  5. Hi Paige, glad you enjoyed my blog. I didn’t like history at school, so bad that my history teacher wrote “History is a mystery to this boy and he isn’t making an effort to solve the mystery”.
    Times have changed and after visiting sites like Petra, Ephesus, Machu Picchu and Volubilis the wonder of history really intrigues me.

  6. I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Congrats! Please see my homepage to find out how to accept the award and pass it onto fellow bloggers.

  7. Thank you for dropping by and following Malcolm’s Corner. Your blog is just the type of thinking person’s blog that I appreciate too so I’m also following.

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  9. Hi Paige. Thanks for following my blog http://www.historicalbritain.org

    I’ve returned the favour as yours is so aesthetically pleasing and also very interesting! I’m fairly new to this but I’m looking forward to sharing our respective passions for the history and archaeology we encounter on a daily basis!

    Vicki (Historical Britain)

  10. Paige, thanks so much for following my blog. Have only just started so trying to get my head around a few things right now. Comments / recommendations always appreciated.

  11. What a great blog site…so much to check out and learn. It is great to see someone so passionate about history and archaeology, because as you say – it is fascinating work, and when the information is out there, more people will become captured by all the possibilities you (and others) lay out there! Cheers!

  12. Hi, Paige. Thanks for visiting rightonthedoorstep. I’ve just enjoyed reading this post and will check out others, especially if I find more about your time in Ireland.

  13. I enjoyed reading your about page this morning. Your thoughts around history/media/sharing are very interesting. Looking forward to following you blog. Have a good one.

  14. Hi, thanks for following – loved your picture of Jordan, what an incredible place to visit. thanks for subscribing to my site, I apologize in advance for the many posts, for the next few weeks I’m moving my blog from Xanga to WP – and it will take some time and fill up inboxes – but once I’m moved over, my posts will be a reasonable amount. Have a blessed day.

  15. Thank you for following my my bog – looks like we have traveled to some similar places, I look forward to seeing more!

  16. Thanks for following my travel blog. Yours looks really interesting too – I’m also fond of travel (as you might have guessed), history and social media so have added you to my RSS feed. Looking forward to reading more!

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  18. Thanks for dropping by the Peninsula Times, I’m glad you liked the piece about Eastgate House. It is a beautiful old building as is much of our High Street (Main St). From your experience I am guessing you would find a lot round these parts to keep you busy for months. The first torpedo launch ramp, training for WW1 trench warfare, Napoleonic Forts, Charles Dickens and much more. Again thank you for dropping in and I am going off to read that piece of yours about the Bog Man that’s not Otzi or what ever his name was.

  19. Thank you for liking Tales of Dragons Rabbits and Roosters. You have created a very interesting blog integrating your interests and history. The personal, lay-person’s touch is great. I hope your work inspires others. Cheers.

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