“Woodswoman” Cabin Moved to the Adirondack Museum


Late in the winter of 2015, the cabin of renowned Adirondack author and ecologist Anne LaBastille was carefully dismantled in its remote location, moved across a frozen lake, and transported to the Adirondack Museum, where it will be reconstructed inside of a brand new exhibition, The Adirondack Experience, set to open in May of 2017. The cabin’s contents can be digitally explored by visitors to the museum, and will reflect the larger story of people who have lived and worked in the Adirondacks, and thereby shaped the region itself.

The DEC sent out a press release yesterday detailing the transition of LaBastille’s land to New York State, and the donation of her cabin, “West of Wind,” to the Adirondack Museum. Click here to read the article published this morning by the Albany Times Union.

Be sure to visit the Adirondack Museum in 2017 to see her cabin reconstructed in the new exhibition, The Adirondack Experience!

Below are a few of my photos from last winter taken at the cabin’s original site.







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