#AskACurator – Sept. 17, 2014


Big museo-social event happening today: Ask A Curator! It’s your opportunity to communicate your questions with curators in institutions all over the globe! 701 museums in 43 countries are taking part. Last year during this event I used this opportunity to chat with the curator at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin to inquire about one of my favorite exhibitions of all time – Bog Bodies.

Here, you will find a list of all the participating museums. Use the hashtag #AskACurator and the handle for the museum/curator you want to contact on Twitter. You can also send general questions using the hashtag #AskACurator.

Find up-t0-the-minute updates throughout the day on the @AskACurator twitter page!

Here’s a few examples of different questions you could ask

  • How did you break into the curatorial world?
  • How do you decide what goes on display and what stays in storage?
  • What is the most unique object in your collection?

Take advantage of this chance to chat with a curator (very likely, one of your favorite institutions is on the list!) and keep an eye out for all sorts of exiting museum-related digital projects like this coming up in the future!


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