Discovery of 4,000 Year Old Egyptian Tomb

It’s not every day that a tomb of this scale is unearthed in Egypt obviously. So, thought I might as well share this very recent discovery – the lover of all Egyptian-archaeological material in me couldn’t resist. There isn’t much information online yet about this discovery since it is so recent, but I’m sure that within the next few months we will be hearing about it in greater detail.


“Archaeologists have unearthed a 4,000 year old tomb outside the Egyptian capital containing what they believe are the remains of a prominent doctor to the pharaohs, officials said on Tuesday.

The tomb, part of a 21 metre (70 foot) by 14 metre (46 foot) plot, with four-metre (13 feet) high walls, was discovered at Abusir, southwest of Cairo, senior antiquities ministry official Ali al-Asfar said.

“This discovery is important because this is the tomb of one of the greatest doctors from the time of the pyramid builders, one of the doctors closely tied to the king,” Antiquities Minister Ibrahim Ali said in a statement.

Asfar said the area in which the grave was found appeared to be a family plot and the Czech team of archaeologists was now


looking for mummies of relatives.

Abusir, a vast necropolis dating back to Egypt’s Old Kingdom, houses the pyramids of several pharaohs of the Fifth Dynasty, which began its rule shortly after 2,500 BC.”

See the full article here.


One response to “Discovery of 4,000 Year Old Egyptian Tomb

  1. It’s comforting to know that despite all the problems that Egypt is faced with at the moment, we’re still hearing about new archaeological discoveries on a fairly regular basis. Hopefully the archaeologists will be able to keep on excavating these sites and that the government is able to curb looting.

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