Blogs I Follow (And Very Much Enjoy!)

A few weeks ago, I noticed a blog post by a really neat site, The Heritage Trust, that mentioned recent followers and did a little write-up about what they do in the blog-verse. I thought this was a great idea, and so I have decided to use this post as a means of sharing a few blogs that I check frequently for new posts, and get a lot of enjoyment out of reading! I only decided to write about 10 blogs, for the sake of time, but I will get to more in future posts, don’t worry! Also, the order of mention is irrelevant – just whichever ones I happened to see in my feed first.

These generally all pertain to history in one way or another, some having more do to with material culture, architectural history, archaeology, or public history. Also a few stragglers in there pertaining mostly to culture. But they’re all great, and definitely worth a read. (And I’ll be completely honest with you – as a marketing professional, I’m a sucker for great blog design, especially unique logos). Enjoy!

1. Visions of the Past


I’ve got to start somewhere!  This is a very cool blog, with a constant stream of new posts about fascinating historical sites in Ireland. Having just been in Ireland for several weeks last summer, some of these places are still fresh in my memory, and I have absolutely fallen in love with the country. Actually, I’m hoping to get back there in the next year or two. When I do, I will definitely keep in mind the reviews of specific sites that can be found on Visions of the Past!


2. JET LAG Manifesto 


If you’re looking for a really well-written (and visually interesting) travel blog, this one is definitely for you. With frequent posts, exotic travels, great photographs and fascinating content, I really enjoy reading this blog! Also, gotta say, the recent posts about her travels in Petra really caught my attention. After my 6 week field school in Petra in 2011, I constantly read blogs that people write about the ancient city, and its surrounding population – I love to see how the sites and cities are changing since I spent time there.

3. Get Lost. 


Here’s a bit more bias for you – this blog is written by my cousin Leah, who is currently studying abroad in Italy. While the blog is not focused on history, I totally love reading it – she has been to some really interesting historical sites, experienced lots of local culture, as you do when you transplant yourself into another country for any length of time, and has shared some really beautiful pictures of places she’s seen. Definitely check this one out for a great cultural travelogue of Italy and surrounding countries. Keep up the good posts Leah! :]

4. Middle East Moments


Middle East Moments is actually one of the first blogs that I started reading – it’s a fascinating account of an Australian expat living in Jordan. She shares cultural experiences, great recipes, beautiful photographs, and the everyday moments that make living in Jordan so unique. Again, I really like reading this one and catching glimpses every now again of places that I had visited during my time in Petra. I also just really love reading about her experience with Jordanian culture, and the trials/tribulations of cultural immersion. Give it a read!

5. The Heritage Trust 


What I like about the Heritage Trust is its goal of bringing awareness of historic conservation and preservation to the public, and doing so very elegantly, and very accessibly. The blog features discussions of not only historic sites, but also artifacts, artwork, material culture, public history ventures, etc. This blog presents a LOT of content in a very organized way, and I’m always interested to see what’s the latest on here!


6.  The Pixelated Historian 


This is one of those blogs that I can really find myself connecting with on an academic level. My own personal goal as a historian is to merge the realms of digital media and historical accessibility, making history fun, available and sharable to the public. This blogger thinks right along those lines, posting interesting content about working as a historian in the digital age, the issues associated with the digitization of historical materials, and the ways in which public history can function as a digital means of public outreach. I really enjoy the posts, and if you’re interested in this sort of public history, check it out.

7. Travels of Tracy



Another great travel blog (and again, recent posts about Petra, which I LOVED). This one is a really fun read – the blogger shares personal experiences from her travels, often in the form of warnings of what not to do for less experiences travelers! It’s funny, interesting, and filled with great photographs. Worth a read, especially if you’re travelling somewhere new and wondering if anyone has already cased the joint!



8. Museum Musings 

This blog is really interesting – focusing mostly on contemporary news and issues regarding museums and public history. It also details some personal experiences of the blogger, who has worked in all sorts of interesting museums. Check it out if you’re a museum fan!


9. My Bedouin Life



I really love the photography that this blogger posts – it’s always beautiful and interesting. As is the content, she is working through the Fulbright Program and sharing some really fascinating cultural experiences in the Middle East. This blog always catches my attention when there is a new post – take a look at it, you will definitely enjoy it. (Geeze, my Petra obsession is really showing, isn’t it?!)



10. Awkward American Traveler

Last but not least is the Awkward American Traveler – a blog that I find interesting, hilarious and visually stunning. This blogger writes of her travels throughout Europe and the Middle East, always in  great detail and accompanied with awesome pictures. I’m always excited to read new posts when they come out, and be reminded of my own awkward travel tales.


Anyways, there’s my sampling of the blogs that I’m currently reading/interested in. Definitely check them out if you’re feeling starved for interesting blog content, they won’t disappoint you! I thought this post would serve as a great opportunist to share with my blog’s readers the sorts of things that I myself am interested in reading, and bring even more visibility to these already great blogs. Blogging is such a social activity, and meant to be shared! Read away!


3 responses to “Blogs I Follow (And Very Much Enjoy!)

  1. Paige thank you so much for the shout out and for honouring my blog with making it into your first list of blogs that you follow and enjoy! And thank you for the lovely things that you wrote about my blog!
    Right back at you I love reading your blog and look forward to every time you have a new post as it is always a fascinating insight into history. 🙂

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