Prehistoric Inscriptions Discovered in Boyne Valley


As an avid follower of archaeological discoveries in Ireland’s prehistory, I had to share this recent find of prehistoric art in the Boyne Valley region. Especially since my visit to Newgrange, I have been particularly interested in Ireland’s prehistoric archaeology. You can read more about that here.

“The Archaeological Survey of Ireland recently received a report of a new exciting discovery in the Boyne Valley (Meath) from Cliadh O’Gibne of the National Boyne Currach Centre near Donore, County Meath. Cliadhbh was out in the river in his currach and discovered an isolated boulder with geometric carvings, lying along the riverbank near Broadboyne Bridge in the townland of Dollardstown. The boulder is roughly rectangular in shape and the decoration is largely confined to a series of five concentric arcs on the upper surface with three pocked lines running out from these and a single straight line that runs along the edge where the boulder has a tenon-like feature. The upper surface of the stone is roughly pocked.

In prehistoric Ireland stones were ‘decorated’ during two main periods, in the Neolithic on Passage Tombs and in the Early Bronze Age in the form of rock art. This new piece of megalith art could be the last remaining kerbstone of a destroyed tomb. The old mill beside it is known as ‘Carn mill’ which may indicate that there was a burial cairn formerly on the site. The find spot is less that 1km from a passage tomb at Ardmulchan where decorated stones were discovered in the 1970’s.


Leading megalithic art expert Dr. Elizabeth Shee-Twohig has commented that ’it looks like the rock art on boulders round Loughcrew, the curving arcs occur on one just below Cairn T, and the boulder to my eye looks very like the same type of sandstone erratic. On the other hand it could be a bit of megalithic art, given proximity to Ardmulchan’.”

Read the full article here on Ireland’s National Monument Service website.

 Further Reading:
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