Career Change Update – No More Hole Digging


So in the last few weeks there have been quite a few changes happening! For the last several weeks I have been working for a cultural resource management company in Rochester, working on a site where a landfill was looking to expand and there were potential prehistoric and historic sites in the vicinity. I have posted several other blogs about small finds on the site.


Overall, the landfill site proved relatively lackluster – other than one large scatter of lithic fragments, we didn’t find much of anything. The last few days on the site were primarily shovel testing (which proved to be entirely exhausting), and didn’t turn up any interesting material culture.

Last week, I received a job offer from a marketing position I applied for in a historic senior living community in Rochester. I found out on Friday, and was happy to accept – the position is full time, with benefits, and in a beautiful historic facility. The Friendly Home was established first in 1849 by the “Rochester Society for the Relief of Friendless and Homeless Females,” the society grew in a building nearby the current location of the bar Murphy’s Law in Rochester on Alexander. The institution was later named “The Rochester Home for the Friendless” and then more recently changed to “The Friendly Home.”

Hopefully during my time at the Friendly Home, I will learn more about this institution’s interesting history and be able to share it here. And also – just because I’m working in Marketing now and not archaeology doesn’t mean I won’t continue to share interesting archaeological and historical news that I come across, so look forward to more!


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