Discovery of Medieval Cemetery in Portugal


“Archaeologists have uncovered a near-complete skeleton dating from the 15th or 16th century on a cliff-top site above the Santa Eulália beach in Albufeira, which is believed to be an important medieval cemetery.

The skeleton was buried in an area near the historically-recorded Ermida de Santa Eulália chapel, where a burial ground is thought to have existed.

It is not the first time that skeletal remains have been found in this location. However, they have previously been found lying in a north to south position rather than from east to west, as was the case in this recent discovery. But both positions are associated with Christian burial rituals.

The arms of the skeleton, believed to be a man, were positioned over its abdominal area and it will be removed from the cliff-top grave to be analysed by archaeologists.

The need for a speedy analysis is prompted due to the fact that a cliff stabilisation operation is also underway because of the risk of landslides from recent winter storms.

Apart from the unearthing of the skeleton, remains of a factory for the Roman fish-paste known as garum were found. Garum was much appreciated at the time and was exported to other countries.”

Read the full article here.


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