Discovery of Ancient Roman Cemetery in Leicester


“Hidden beneath a parking lot in Leicester, England, archaeologists have discovered a 1,700-year-old Roman cemetery that seemed to show no religious bias.

The new discovery, found at the junction of Newarke and Oxford Streets, includes numerous burials and skeletal remains from 13 individuals, both male and female of various ages. The cemetery is estimated to date back to around A.D. 300, according to University of Leicester archaeologists who led the dig.

“We have literally only just finished the excavation and the finds are currently in the process of being cleaned and cataloged so that they can then be analyzed by the various specialists,” John Thomas, archaeological project officer, told LiveScience in an email.”


3 responses to “Discovery of Ancient Roman Cemetery in Leicester

    • Romans did practice cremation often – but not necessarily always! Family preference for inhumation could result in the burial of a body, as well as cultural preference (many Romans were of diverse ethnic backgrounds, although considered ‘Roman citizens.’ It’s not surprising then, that Romans in provinces such as England would have chosen to practice inhumation over cremation.

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