Negligence of Historic Architecture in Greece, NY

In the last few days, I have noticed two shocking examples of the extent to which Greece NY neglects historic architecture – in one case, a Victorian house on Ridge Road (104) which is in the process of being demolished as we speak, and in the other, a cobblestone (also on Ridge) that is scheduled for demolition. Greece is notorious for its difficult process for marking a space as a historic location – there can be no renovations to the original structure in order for a building to be demarcated by the National Registry.


I have tentatively dated this particular cobblestone to the late 1840s or early 1850s, due to the uniformity of the cobbles and the herringbone stonework on the edges of the building. As you can kind of see, there was an addition made onto this property towards the back, which is likely why it was unable to be demarcated as a historic space.

I just thought I’d share my frustration with the lack of appreciation for historic architecture in Greece. Homes such as these should be preserved as examples of 19th century American architecture, but as you can see, that sort of respect simply isn’t being afforded.


One response to “Negligence of Historic Architecture in Greece, NY

  1. Such a shame! Do you have a historical society? Certainly they would have some kind of information on the history of the area and some building plans that could help date the structures. They might even be able to help save them, depending on their funding and availability. I’m sure you’ve looked into it but I thought I’d make the suggestion just in case. I hate to see such wonderful buildings torn down.

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