Continued Excavations at Eleutherna

The Museum of the Eleutherna archaeological site, in the prefecture of Rethymno, is set to open during 2015 as its construction is in progress. So far, the floor’s roof is under construction while the semi-basement and the floor have been completed. As reported, the masterplan of shaping the Museum’s surroundings as well as securing the artefact’s security and transportation has been given the “green light” by the members of the Central Archaeological Council (KAS).

Also, the KAS members approved a new excavation plan (2013-2015) for the site, which is being excavated since 1985 by the Department of Archaeology and History of Art of the University of Crete. Research in Sectors I and III, undergone under the direction of Classical Archaeology Professor Nicholas Stampolidis is to be continued while the request of Byzantine Archaeology lecturer Christina Tsigonaki to continue her research is still under consideration.

As presented to the KAS, the new, 5-year excavation plan,will have three targets: to define the Ancient Eleutherna’s city plan, to reveal the Hellenistic and Roman phase of the city and to locate the limits of the world renowned Geometric/Archaic necropolis of Orthi Petra, which is believed to spread under layers of later years.”

Read the full article here.


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