Paddy Hill Cemetery, Greece NY


On the way to a friend’s house yesterday, there was a really nice sunset and I had a bit of spare time, so I thought I would stop at the cemetery beside the old Paddy Hill (Our Mother of Sorrows) Church in Greece (being the creepy historian that I am). So I snapped a quick photo, and thought I would share some of my older articles regarding the history of the Paddy Hill Church and Cemetery, which are intricately tied to the history of Greece and its earliest settlers.

This church and cemetery were a subject of my research a while back, so I have several articles about them if you’re interested in Rochester history. My primary areas of interest were the architecture of the church (Romanesque) and the records of the interred persons within the cemetery (Greece’s early Irish Catholic population).

Paddy Hill Church, Greece NY

Update – Old Mother of Sorrows Church, Greece NY

Paddy Hill Cemetery – Preliminary Research 

Paddy Hill Cemetery – Follow Up Post 


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