Travel Photo #1: Looking Upwards at Blarney Castle, Co. Cork, Ireland

So I have recently decided that since I don’t have any plans for a fabulous trip this summer, (last summer was Ireland and the summer before that Jordan/Turkey), I will start posting interesting travel photographs every now and again, until I can get overseas to take more!! The very first one is one of my particular favorites, an image taken from below Blarney Castle in Co. Cork, Ireland, looking upwards at the castle.

I love that in this image, not only can you see some of the various phases of construction apparent in the castle’s architecture (note particularly the changes in stone composition and the evolution of arrow-slit windows from the bottom to the top), but also you get a clear image of the rock cliff below Blarney, where the stone was cut with which to build the castle. Not only was this an immediate resource for building materials, but the usage of this particular rock also created a natural defensive barrier at the front of the castle, and was incorporated into the battlements.

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