Frisbee Hill Cemetery, Greece NY


View of cemetery from a distance

Since it was such a nice day today, I decided to take a walk to a very nearby historical site, the Frisbee family cemetery at Frisbee Hill. I’ve been to this location before but never blogged about it, so I figured I might as well today!

DSC_0134Located on Frisbee Hill Road in North Greece, NY, this small burial ground houses the remains of the Frisbee family, one of the earliest and most well-to-do families in the Greece area. The gravestone of Edward J. Frisbee reads, “This Burying ground was Deeded to the descendants of E. J. Frisbee, Feb. 1859.” This would lead me to believe that Edward was the patriarch of sorts. All of the stones are flat to the ground, likely because they have broken and never been repaired, and many of the graves are unmarked. The list below is all of the known (readable) graves at the location:

  • Betsey; d Sept. 26, 1833 aged 54y
  • Charlotte C.; wife of J. G.; d July 22, 1865 aged 56y 10m
  • Edward; d March 8, 1845 aged 6m 10d
  • Edward J.; d Nov. 18, 1861 aged 76y 10m 23d; “This Burying ground was Deeded to the descendants of E. J. Frisbee, Feb. 1859”
  • Helen; d March 17, 1852 aged 5y 11m 15d
  • Ida, wife of James G.; d July 3, 1876 aged 31y 10m
  • James G.; d Nov. 30, 1893 aged 86y 3m
  • Oliva; d March 17, 1852 aged 3y 6m 18d
  • Polly S., wife of Edward J.; d Feb. 18, 1859 aged 71y 7m 18d

DSC_0137Although the Frisbee family was very influential in the development of 19th century Greece,there is very little written information accessible about their history. The location of Frisbee Hill is “the second highest natural elevation north of Ridge Road…” (source: Eight Miles Along the Shore by Tomkiewicz and Husted). The earliest settlers in the area of Frisbee hill (and the greater Greece area) were Edward, Elijah and James Frisbee. Both Edward and James are buried in the Frisbee Hill cemetery, I have yet to find out where Elijah is buried.


This location, which was once one of the earliest western settlements in Greece, is now covered by a landfill (which likely disrupted much of the area’s architectural significance). However it does make for a nice (although short), walk, especially if you are interested in the history of the North Greece region!

Further Reading:

– Genealogical Society site on Frisbee Cemetery
Eight Miles Along the Shore by Tomkiewicz and Husted


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